Monday, January 10, 2011

What is C.I.B.?

I started this blog called Cooking in Batches after I started making packed lunch for both me and my husband. Its been a good 2 years now that we've started this habit and its been a good practice. Between being a wife, a daughter, a student and working, like any other person with a busy schedule - time is of the essence and not-eating-out is an option we have put for ourselves.

So, I started making notes and did a bit of reading on what I can make that saves time - that's good, wholesome and healthy for the body - yet at the same time easy on my pockets. So, I have a whole book of fast - meals made in batches that can be kept in the freezer for weeks/months and fridge - at least for the week. 

This blog hopes to share with you all there is to know about how to save by making meals in batches and to share neat tips and tricks around the kitchen. Since I am writing all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, my notes for prices will be mainly in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), you can roughly gauge the damage on groceries based on your local market prices. 

What are the advantages of eating at home?

Eating at home gives you the chance to save a bit of money, being able to prepare healthy wholesome meals, know what you actually put in your meals and most importantly - being at work most of your time, this is the best time of the day to unwind and be with the family or people you love.

Sometimes, I stay home and try to prepare new things I have never tried before, challenge myself at making as simple as pizza dough or see what I can make with the tools and ingredients I have in my kitchen.... You'd be surprised to find out that - at the end of the process, you've actually accomplish a whole lot more than just a meal, you have just thought yourself to be more focus, resourceful, creative and you have just accomplish one thing in your day - that you thought you could never do, and this in return makes you feel good about yourself.

I know, making time in your busy schedule is something we tend to put last in our list of things to do, but trust me, being able to make your own meals - actually saves you more time than you thought. If you are new in the kitchen - don't worry, there is no right or wrong to cooking, its all about experimenting. Trial and error. Start with the little things and move on to bigger dishes. Give it a try.

In support of the local market and good home cooked meals!

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