Have you ever had a problem with remembering your ingredients name or mix up the names when it comes to Malay? I know I do, all the time. Here is a page that I will constantly update to remind myself and those of you who are just as forgetful as me - of the correct names for ingredients - a translation from ENGLISH to MALAY or MALAY - ENGLISH. 

There are available online dictionaries that helps with translations like this one DBP Online, I thought it would be nice to just list down a few things for easy references. I also turn to  Cook's Thesaurus to look for description of ingredients I may not have heard of. 


Asian Condiments
Belacan - dried shrimp paste.
Gula Melaka - palm sugar.

Cooking Methods
Tumis - 
sauté on high heat in oil
Masak Lemak - to cook in coconut milk gravy. variations: plain or with added tumeric
Nasi Goreng - Fried rice
Rebus - to boil
Chilli paste splits from the oil


Dairy Products
Telur dadar -

Nasi - rice
Tepung - Flour
Gandum - Wheat

Herbs & Spices
Cinnamon - Kayu Manis
Cumin - Jintan Putih ( looks like paddy grains)
Fennel - Jintan Hitam 
Fenugreek - Halba
Tamarind - Asam jawa


Mee Hoon - Asian rice noodles or vermicelli.

Non-Dairy & Creams
Santan - Coconut milk/cream

Non-Asian Condiments
Koma-koma - saffron

Sambal - a blend of dried chilli paste with a mix of onions, shallots and (optional) dried shrimp or salted fish. Fried in oil till dark red. Sauce can be added to any type of ingredients to be used as a condiment to rice or noodles or just as a dipping sauce. 

Pucuk Manis 
> Sweet Leaf or Star Gooseberry Leaves or Shu Zai Cai. Mostly grown in South East Asia region. Since this is a tropical tree, you may find this in Hawaii, South American countries, Mauritius.