Monday, July 18, 2011

Swiss Roll with Strawberry Jam & Cream

Swiss Roll, Jelly Roll and Roulade, are all the same names for a rolled up sponge cake. This recipe you are about to read and try to make, is a made, tested and approved cake. Before I post any recipes, I am sure to at least bake or cook something 3 times to ensure that the recipe is right. Each time a cake is baked, I will have a group of people (whom I called my toughest critics), that are known to love cakes and are great kitchen experts themselves. I have also taken the liberty to cross check recipes with other good online blogs or websites like and

There were two reasons why I made this cake, 1) because I hate store made Swiss rolls, as they will always use cheap jams and spread hardly anything in it and sold for RM6.00. Very unreasonable. 2) Because a good friend of mine is currently pregnant and I got her worked up on my quest to make my own yummy (perfect) cake.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


The sun was out and the wind blew strong today. All I can remember is that taste of sugar dusted doughnut from Kampung Baru that I had for breakfast on Monday. My first bite had transported me back to when I was 7 in my parents old Mercedes driving to school with my mom at 630am in the morning. What I love about these traditional styled doughnuts is that they taste just as good now as they did way back then.