Monday, September 2, 2013


For the past year, I've been dreaming and making a to do list. First on my list was to perfect my skills in baking brownies. 

Since the day  I started making my first tray of brownies, I haven't stopped. I have since then read, searched and experimented. I have since baked, brought my goods to the office to share with friends. They would compliment and critic my brownies. They would always wait for me to bring something to work on Monday, because they knew I'd be baking over the weekend. I have also sold at bake sales, some ordered online and Alhamdullillah - I have had returning customers.  

Second on my list, was to start my own bakery that would sell cakes I loved eating. Starting with just brownies. Last weekend, Malaysia celebrated Independence Day. I had friends over and a cake was put out for desserts. Later that night, a friend encouraged me to move into baking and push my products to smaller cafes. See if anyone wants to order trays from me. I looked at her and said, I don't know. Maybe... we shall see.

It only took the introduction of this book to make me change my perspective.The author, Patricia Helding use to work at Wall Street. She too started baking for the office and sharing with friends. In no time, she realised that baking was her true calling. She resigned from her job and started a baking company from her kitchen. She would market her brownies using postcards and by word of mouth. Now her bakery is a legendary brownie shop in NYC. How about that? 

I have yet to try the recipes. This weekend will be the first attempt to baking brownies from the recipe book. Judging from a glance - I foresee that they brownies will be hit with friends. I hope it'll kick out their  mundane Monday office mood. Keep yourself updated to the blog and I'll be posting a review on the recipe. Insya Allah.


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