Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lost & Found - & SOOQ BAZAAR in Oct 2011

Dear everyone,

Gosh, we are terribly sorry for going MIA on everyone again. When Ramadan came, our cook just lost track of time and because none of us could cook and taste food during the day, we just did not see the point of posting up recipes to share with everyone. We believe in good honest recipes when sharing with people- it only makes the love spread further and better.

However, we have news to share with you today. We've just came back from an art market at the Annexe Gallery, the same one Erna was at a few months back. This time however, in stead of postcards we sold C.I.B Brownies for a change. Good to know that the recipe works and the brownies SOLD OUT

If you've missed out on our cake sale this time and our previous postcard sale the last time, well Mark your calendar! and be ready to catch us at the next SOOQ Bazaar on Oct 1st, Saturday and 2nd, Sunday at Rasta, TTDI, from 1PM - 7PM .

We will be coming up with a new batch of Recipe Cards consisting of basic paste recipes and perfect combo meal recipe cards. Also,  we will be bringing you our famous velvet, chewy, super moist brownies and 2 new additional cakes to our table. 

So, come on down to join Erna at the booth, sit down, have a piece of cake and lets just chat about cooking and good food. Perhaps, we will also offer you a choice of ice cold milk or hot tea to have with your cake? and maybe offer to send your choice of postcard to someone you love. 

See you at SOOQ!

Warm wishes,
C.I.B team.


  1. I loveeee your BROWNIES!
    Will catch you in TTDI for more this coming Oct.

    LOVE IT!


  2. Hi there,

    I was wondering when you'd be producing more recipe cards!
    They have been great gifts!!!


    1. Dear Adele,

      My sincere apologies. I shall be coming up with postcards this coming Oct. Send in your email to and we will keep you on our mailing list.


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