Monday, June 6, 2011

Nasi Goreng Bodoh (Simple Fried Rice)

This next recipe is a continuation from the cili giling post i had put up about a week ago. "Nasi goreng Bodoh" is a recipe that my dad thought me how to make. Bodoh literally means stupid in Malay. But what my dad meant is that - its just empty - plain, nothing in it accept for ingredients that would make it taste ohh so good. This term is obviously used in my house hold only :). 

This recipe is a quick and easy meal that is commonly made for breakfast! You heard it, breakfast - as it really takes only 10 minutes to cook. Make sure you use rice that has been cooked and kept in the fridge the night before. This makes the rice dry and best for frying.
My mom use to make this for me and pack it for school when I was a little girl. Its so famous that every Malay family has this recipe in their recipe heirloom. Can vegetarians have this? not quite, but you can use the recipe with a few adjustments.

 I've made this same recipe for my brother who is currently on a vege only meal - he loved it. You can just substitute the shrimp belacan with vegan belacan that is made from soybeans. If you can't find any in your neighbourhood, you can also use chinese style black chili paste or tochu. The rice needs to have a rather toasted salty taste when its done. Perhaps you can try your version and share it with us here on C.I.B.

Total cost: MYR 3.00    Preparation and cooking time: 10 minutes
Work difficulty: Easy    Serves: 2


4 cups of cooked overnight rice
4 tbspn chili paste
3 garlic cloves
6 shallots
2 tbspn of belacan 
2 tbspn of sweet soy sauce
1 tbspn of chicken granules (optional)
2 tbspn of oil
2 eggs
3 birds eye chili - pounded (optional)
salt to taste.

  1. Pound or blend the shallots and garlic.
  2. Heat the oil in the wok and fry the pounded ingredients till fragrant and add the chili paste. Fry till the chili paste changes colour and it starts breaking from the oil. 
  3. Once that happens, add in the belacan, soy sauce and chicken granules - fry a little longer to ensure that the belacan mixes well with the mix. 
  4. Add salt to the mix to taste, its ok if you made it saltier now because when you add in the rice, the taste will balance out. You can add in birds eye chili now if you wish to have more zing to your rice. 
  5. Now add in your rice and coat it completely with the fried mix. 
  6. Create a small well in the wok add a bit more oil and break in your eggs. Continue to stir the egg in its place till it cooks or dries up slightly. Once dried, mix it up with the rice. 
  7. If you need more salt, just dust over and stir up. 
  8. Best served with cold ice tea. 

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